When we meet

Our programme of Wednesday evening meetings is set out below.  (All our meetings start at 7:30pm sharp).
Our sister groups meet in Twickenham on Tuesdays and Richmond on Wednesdays.

We have mindful walks once a month on the 2nd Saturday of the month and you are very welcome to join us! We meet at Kingston Gate at 10:30. The walk is normally an hour or so, depending on who comes and what the weather is like. You can walk silently if you wish, or you can walk and chat. We often have a cup of tea after. You can contact Anna on 07946 200 369, or Maggie on 07375 055698 if you want to check if it’s on.

We have a monthly social, last Saturday of the month, meeting between 10:30-12:30 in the cafe in All Saints Church in Kingston, 14-16 Market Pl, KT1 1JP.

1 JanKingston Quaker Centre8 JulKingston Quaker Centre
8 JanKingston Quaker Centre15 JulKingston Quaker Centre
15 JanKingston Quaker Centre22 JulKingston Quaker Centre
22 JanKingston Quaker Centre29 JulKingston Quaker Centre
29 JanKingston Quaker Centre5 AugKingston Quaker Centre
5 FebKingston Quaker Centre12 AugKingston Quaker Centre
12 FebKingston Quaker Centre19 AugKingston Quaker Centre
19 FebKingston Quaker Centre26 AugKingston Quaker Centre
26 FebKingston Quaker Centre2 SepKingston Quaker Centre
4 MarKingston Quaker Centre9 SepKingston Quaker Centre
11 MarKingston Quaker Centre16 SepKingston Quaker Centre
18 MarKingston Quaker Centre23 SepKingston Quaker Centre
25 MarKingston Quaker Centre30 SepKingston Quaker Centre
31AprKingston Quaker Centre7 OctKingston Quaker Centre
8 AprKingston Quaker Centre14 OctKingston Quaker Centre
15 AprKingston Quaker Centre21 OctKingston Quaker Centre
22 AprKingston Quaker Centre28 OctKingston Quaker Centre
29 AprKingston Quaker Centre4 NovKingston Quaker Centre
6 MayKingston Quaker Centre11 NovKingston Quaker Centre
13 MayKingston Quaker Centre18 NovKingston Quaker Centre
20 MayKingston Quaker Centre25 NovKingston Quaker Centre
27 MayKingston Quaker Centre2 DecKingston Quaker Centre
3 JunKingston Quaker Centre9 DecKingston Quaker Centre
10 JunKingston Quaker Centre16 DecKingston Quaker Centre
17 JunKingston Quaker Centre
24 JunKingston Quaker Centre
1 JulKingston Quaker Centre